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Magnesia Bricks

Magnesite bricks are one of the most widely used basic refractory bricks.

Magnesia - Chrome Bricks

Refractory brick produced from Magnesia (55to80%) and Chromite (20%).

Magnesia - Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon brick is widely used in EAF sidewalls, converters and ladle furnace slag lines.

Magnesia - Alumina - Carbon Bricks

Al-Mg Carbon brick has proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity, and better insulation.

Alumina Bricks

Alumina bricks have high temperature performance, great corrosion and wear resistance.

High Alumina Bricks

High alumina bricks are alumina-silicate refractory material with alumina oxide more than 48%.

Andalusite Bricks

Andalusite brick is a kind of refractory products, mainly contains Al2O3.

Mullite Bricks

Mullite Bricks are made of synthetic fused mullite or sintered mullite and fired in high temperature.

Insulation Bricks

CAMA offers all different refractories for your needs. Please quote us your different orders.

Dolomite Bricks

Dolomite bricks are made as refractory products from calcined dolomite sand.

Fireclay Bricks

Firebricks are known by various names including fire-clay, chamotte, refractory and fireplace bricks.

Special Shape Bricks

We are ready to serve you for your special shaped refractory brick needs.


Vibrating castables

High performance castables have a homogenous particle dispersion and reduced cement content.

Self-flow castabless

The ability of the self-flowing castables to reach difficult areas is a great advantage in installation.


Refractory cement is what’s used to secure the bricks together and create the desired structure.

Gunning Mixes

Please contact us for ask about your gunning mixes needs. We are ready to offer all types of refractories.

Ramming Mixes

Ramming mixes are selected to suit the metallurgy involved and compatible with the brick lining.

Throwelling Mixes

We are waiting your requests about all refractory products.

EBT Filler Sands

We are supplying best quality Turkish EBT Sand with CAMA guarantee.

Special Type Of Refractories

Refractory products has never an end. Please share all your specific needs with us.

Precast Shapes

Electric Arc Furnace Precasts

You can contact us for;
. Electric arc furnace roof blocks
. Tap hole bricks

Ladle Precasts

. Ladle furnace roof blocks
. Flange blocks
. Slide gate refractories
. Collector nozzless

Tundish Precasts

We are focused on Tundish covers, Tundish flow control refractories and Tundish furnitures.

Gas Purging Refractories

We are official seller for well blocks and gas purging plugs for gas purging systems.

Insulation Materials

Ceramic Fiber Materials

. Ceramic fiber blanket
. Ceramic fiber paper
. Ceramic fiber board

Calsium Silicate Boards

CaSi board is an thermal insulation product that can withstand continuous high temperatures.

Vermiculite Boards

Vermiculite board is a thermal insulation in industry, for high temperature ovens, refractors, and linings.

Insulation Bricks

Insulation bricks are light and resistant from 1200°C to 1730°C, having high thermal insulation.

Raw Materials


. Dead Burned Magnesite

. Fused Magnesite


. Natural Flake Graphite
. Amorphous Graphite


. Sintered Alumina-Magnesia Spinel
. Fused Alumina- Magnesia Spinel


. Rotary Kiln Bauxite
. Shaft Kiln Bauxite
. White Fused Alumina
. Brown Fused Alumina
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