We Are Your Global Partner



CA” comes from “CAsting” and “MA” comes from “MAterials”.

CAMA is a metallurgical materials supplier company based in Turkey that has branches in Montenegro and China. Also, CAMA has exclusive agency agreements with producers from all over the world.

Materials and Metallurgy

Our True Passion

CAMA Company has been established by over 30 years of metallurgical experience at Istanbul, Turkey.

We are the supplier of raw materials for the industrial production. We have a wide range of products including metals, ferro alloys, refractory materials, graphite electrodes and carbon raisers. 

We have been trying to improve our product range and expanding our customer base day by day.



Lifetime Business

Our goal is to be the best performing and trusted material supplier company not only Turkey but in in the world.
Our strategy is to bring differentiated, high-quality and reliable materials for customers from all over the world not only for one container but the whole vessel.
Our values are at the heart of everything we do and form an important part of our company. Our values are Trust, Focus, Transparency, Good Communication, Good Relationship and Fast Response.
Our Aim is not only to meet customers today’s needs, but to create close relationships for their satisfaction by offering our products with competitive prices.
Our Principle is to take pride in putting our customers first.
Our Products enable you to optimize your production quality and lower the cost.