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Ferro Silicon

We are in joint venture with Middle East and Asia ferro silicon stock companies.

Ferro Silicon Manganese

FeSiMn is used in production of flat steel, manganese rich steel and stainless steel.

Ferro Manganese High Carbon

FeMn HC contains a high content of manganese and used in steel products.

Ferro Manganese Low Carbon

FeMn LC combines with sulfur and improve the hot-working properties of the steel.

Ferro Manganese Medium Carbon

FeMn MC is mainly used in steel production at specific range of carbon needs.

Ferro Chrome High Carbon

FeCr HC is used in both stainless and special steel as well as alloy steel production.

Ferro Chrome Low Carbon

Turkey is one of the best FeCr LC in the world thanks to good Chrome ore mines.

Ferro Phosphorus

FeP is mainly used in phosphorous castings and High-Strength special Steels Low-Alloys.


Ferro Silicon Magnesium

FeSiMg required to transform graphite flakes to spheroids.

Ferro Silicon Barium

FeSiBa Based Inoculants are used to improve the Graphite nucleation and reduces fading.

Ferro Silicon Stronsium

FeSiSr reduce the number of eutectic group can reduce shrinkage, shrinkage defects of casting.

Ferro Silicon Zirconium

FeSiZr is used as a deoxidant to modify non-metallic inclusions and fixes uncombined nitrogen.


Ferro Molybdenum

Ferro Molybdenum prevents undermining in stainless steels, and when impure with iron.

Ferro Niobium

Niobium is a metal primarily used by the steel industry as a ferroalloy strengthening element.

Ferro Vanadium

Ferro Vanadium, as an additive to the production process of ferrous metals.

Ferro Titanium

Ferro Titanium is used as a Cleansing Agent in Production of Steel.


Nickel is widely used as raw materials in the metallurgical industry for the production of steels and alloys

Magnesium Metal

Magnesium metal significantly improving the strength and malleability of the iron.

Manganese Metal

Manganese metal used in production of special steels.

Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal is widely used in aluminium production process.


Nodular Pig Iron

A high purity iron that is engineered for the production of Nodular, or Ductile irons.

Semi Nodular Pig Iron

An iron that is engineered for the production of Nodular or Ductile irons.

Foundry Pig Iron

Available in a variety of grades, this iron is graded by Silicon content.

Basic Pig Iron

This iron is used in the production of steel and in iron castings.


Chromite Sand

Chromite sand is provided with a size of 45 – 65 AFS and standart composition.

Olivine Sand

Olivine sand is available in various grades for use of wide range at metallurgical products.


Turkey originated Perlite is available from size 0,2 to 5 mm screened as your demand.


Turkey originated Perlite is available from size 0,2 to 5 mm screened as your demand.
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